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The Cisco Mind Share Game is the most comprehensive Learning Game from Cisco yet! This fun and challenging game covers more than half the content of the CCENT / CCNA exam. It was designed to reinforce a variety of standard networking skills and help you practice these new skills in preparation for CCENT and CCNA Cisco certification exams.

mind-share-esa-wireless-topology mind-share-round-difficulty


The Mind Share Game FULL version covers 15 topics including:  

  • Binary number
  • IOS fundamentals
  • IP Addressing
  • Ip routing
  • NAT and PAT
  • The osi model
  • Subnetting
  • Swith operation and behavior
  • Wireless

Achieving a high score in the game requires a keen understanding of the technology, quick recall and recognition, and shrewd gaming strategy. The Cisco Mind Share Game is a great way to improve your speed and accuracy on Cisco certification exams and have fun at the same time! Be one of the first to own this entertaining learning tool from Cisco…you’ll see immediately why thousands of networking professionals use learning games as the killer app in their exam preparation arsenal.






Download and play the Demo Version for a preview of the Mind Share Game.
The Demo version features 5 of the FULL version’s 15 exciting sections, each playable at 3 levels of difficulty. It will leave you wanting more and now more is available in the FULL version.



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Preparing the CCNA Security exam

After passing my CCNA, I now work on the new CCNA Security exam. I have first started to study for the old exam using LearnKey Video, and then I have bought the Official Exam Certification Guide to prepare specifically the new test.

I use GNS3 to simulate ASA firewall, router, switch and practice the Graphical User Interface for PIX.


I also use the demo Cisco Security Device Manager and Cisco TFTP server for my preparation.

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